Anyone use ELSE minor-mode in Emacs?

François Pinard pinard at
Mon Dec 15 23:50:18 CET 2003

[Christian Seberino]

> Also, Python doesn't have as much junk as C to type.  Is ELSE still
> useful in Python since Python has no braces, semicolons, etc. that one
> needs to automate?

I used ELSE for Python for prototyping the overall structure of modules
(beginning shebang and comments, an empty doc-string, my usual Main
class, and the usual stanza "if __name__ == 'main', etc." stanza at the
end.  ELSE may be useful to start a class, including the skeleton for
"def __init__(self):".  And also for a few other tiny own habits.  As
far as I am concerned, besides the few things above, Python is so clean
that ELSE was not as useful that it may be for other languages.

P.S. - If I'm using past instead of present, about ELSE, this is because
not so long ago, I switched my habits away from Emacs (towards Vim).

François Pinard

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