py2exe question from a total beginner

sarmin sarmin_kho at
Thu Dec 4 10:30:52 CET 2003

Hi Gurus...

I am using pythonwin to write the programming code and boa 
constructor to build the GUI... the GUI and the python code work 
fine when run through pythonwin platform...

i m now trying to create an executable python code that can be used 
on computers that do not have python software installed... py2exe is 
the definitely the one i m looking for... however i m simply not 
sure how to use this software (py2exe)... moreover i havent got a 
clue about using the python distutils function... 

for simplicity, i dont understand the followings:

python py2exe --help is the distutils setup-scripts...

how do i run this command?? is it through the pythonwin interactive 
mode?? by the way, i m a total beginner in using python (i m a 
python baby, less than 1 month old)... 

any helps are very much appreciated...

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