Unicode 4.0 support

Martin v. Löwis martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Dec 5 19:22:03 CET 2003

"Adam Twardoch" <list.adam at twardoch.com> writes:

> As far as I know, currently, Python only supports Unicode 3.0. 

Well, no. What do you mean with "supports"?

> That is, for example, the unicodedata module only holds the data
> from the Unicode Standard version 3.0.

It's actually version 3.2. OTOH, even Python 2.2 can represent all
characters from Unicode 4.0 just fine.

> Since Unicode 4.0 is now released, shouldn't it be included at least
> in Python 2.4?

Perhaps. OTOH, at the time Python 2.4 is released, we might have
Unicode 4.1, or 5.0.

Apart from that, any patch to update the data base must be careful not
to break the stringprep module, which works correctly only if the
database is Unicode 3.2.


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