"Do this, and come back when you're done"

Kamus of Kadizhar yan at NsOeSiPnAeMr.com
Sat Dec 13 21:38:55 CET 2003

Donn Cave wrote:

> Yes.  I may be missing something here, because the followups
> I have seen strike me as somewhat misguided, if they're not
> just fooling with you.  You already have two independent threads
> or processes here, one on each machine.  All you need to do is
> take the results from the remote machine AFTER the local computation.
> Move the line that says "remoteMD5hash = Socket.recv(256)" to
> after the block that ends with "localMD5hash = hasher.hexdigest()".
> No?

All I can say is..... DUH!  How obvious!

I think I'll rewrite it with threads anyway, just to learn....  But 
sometimes I get so hung up on program structure that I overlook the 
simple solutions....


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