Building a new app in python and need some architecture advice.

Irmen de Jong irmen at
Tue Dec 9 02:00:59 CET 2003

Sam Watson wrote:
> The big catch is I want to be able to run the client/server remotely
> across the web in a secure fashion. 

What do you mean exactly with "across the web"? Over HTTP? Port 80?
"in a secure fashion": SSL? Encrypted? Authentication? Authorization?
So many options ;-)

> This is the list of candidates ive come up with so far
> XML-RPC (Seems like kind of a waste considering the client and server
> are both python)

It's slow, too.

> Pyro (Can i secure this?)

Yes. Pyro has support for secure custom connection
validators that can be used to authorize clients to connect
(by using an authentication mechanism of your own choice,
for instance login+password based, or with secure hashes,...).
You can also run Pyro over SSL if you want encryption.
(although I must say that it's been a long time since I
did this, so it might or might not work. If I have some
spare time, I'll check the SSL stuff, but I'm too busy
with other things at the moment).

> Twisted  (Is this overkill?)
Don't know, depends on your type of server application I guess.

> Pure sockets (a lot of infrastructure to write but im pretty
> experienced with it)

Why write it when you don't have to (see other options).

Good luck

--Irmen de Jong.

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