Broken python-model.el

Peter Milliken peterm at
Thu Dec 18 20:50:47 CET 2003

John, the sourceforge project doesn't have any released files - beware
unreleased files :-).

I downloaded and tried the python-mode.el file you can access through the
CVS repository (version 4.40) - no wonder there has been no releases!

Initial impressions is that I will re-download the 4.6 version available
from the python web-site. One of the annoying things that hits you right in
the face (and this is terribly unfair to the sourceforge team working on
it! - it hasn't been released after all :-)) is the "blind" fontification of
what are believed to be Python keywords by the authors.

This list includes words such as "Exception", "ord", "self" plus a host of
others. So variables that I have such as "swimrecord" has the "ord" portion
font coloured differently from the rest of the string, "ChildException" has
the "Exception" differently coloured than the "Child" portion, "self" is a
different colour from the rest of the variable usage i.e. self.Name has
"self" and "Name" colourised differently - extremely annoying and *not* what
I expect the authors want to achieve! Certainly not what I want in an edit
session! :-)

So Brian might be better off trying to patch his python-mode.el rather than
download the tip of what is at sourceforge :-)

However, I use python-mode.el (4.6) which is available from - I have Python 2.3.2 installed and
have no problems with C-c C-c. So perhaps Brian should check his version of
python-mode.el against that one?


"John J. Lee" <jjl at> wrote in message
news:877k0uhrlv.fsf at
> Brian Donovan <john at> writes:
> >   I just compiled Python 2.3.2 on my local machine as an upgrade from
> > This appears to have broken my python-mode.el in emacs. When I try to
> > "Execute Buffer" Ctl-c Ctl-c I get:
> >
> > Wrong type argument: sequencep, cpython
> >
> > Any Ideas?
> Did you download the version from the python-mode sourceforge project?
> If not, try that.
> John

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