What GUI toolkit looks the best?

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Jarek Zgoda  <jzgoda at gazeta.usun.pl> wrote:
>There are times, when Tkinter doesn't work at all, i.e. on
>"second-half-of-world" terminals (non-ASCII/non-LATIN1). wxPython has no
>problems there. Yes, I know, it's due to flaws in TCL/Tk, not in Tkinter
>itself. But all Pythons ship with this flawed, broken, unusable Tk. And
>don't even try to argue, that my customers can "build their own Tk with
>bcc32 or OpenWatcom", they dont need to do anything more than install
>wxPython from readily-available binary distribution.
It surprises me that you write that.  I regard Tcl as the 
language which has gone the farthest in internationalization,
apart from Java, and the one which makes such delights as 
<URL: http://wiki.tcl.tk/3145 > feasible.

Do you know what it is that's broken?  There are several 
people on both the Tk and Python sides who are eager to learn
of faults, so that they can fix them as soon as possible; I'll
be glad to help you direct your report so that it's resolved
without delay.  I raised your comments with the head of Tcl
support at ActiveState; he replied, in part, "Tk was the first
of the open source cross-platform UI toolkits to have full
unicode support, end-to-end.  There are no flaws in Tcl/Tk in
this regards, and AFAIK this works just fine in Tkinter as well"
[reproduced with permission].

I agree that wxPython is a fine toolkit.  I think there's still
a place for Tkinter, and it sounds as though you have knowledge
about how to help it fit that place better.

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