Test if IDLE is a mature program

Lee Harr missive at frontiernet.net
Wed Dec 31 23:43:44 CET 2003

On 2003-12-31, Aubrey Hutchison <abhjrpe at comcast.net> wrote:
> I understand the problem of using the names of common modules...
> But why do we need to work around that problem..
> Work arounds = = (tinkering to make something work as it should.)
> The docs, at least I have not found them, do not say some file names are
> reserve names.
> My position still stands
> This program does not really provide a credit to PYYHON.

IDLE tries very hard to be THE python IDE, but in my opinion
it is at heart an editor. Now, I am not sure you've looked
around at all the different editors out there, but if you
plan on looking, plan to set aside some time for the project.
A lot of time.

So, why are there so many editors?

One reason is that there is almost always something (or many
things) about an editor that just really completely makes
you fume! (please no one bring up those two _particular_
editors at this point :o)

Anyhow. If you don't like IDLE, use something else.

Thanks for your time.

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