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Trent Mick trentm at
Mon Dec 15 21:05:34 CET 2003

[Hoang wrote]
> Is it possible to install multiple versions of ActivePython on the same
> machine?
> Many modules which used to work with Python 2.2 now don't on 2.3.  I am
> using some 2.3 features but lots of programs that used to work, don't
> anymore.  This is especially true with modules that expose their libraries
> as DLLs.  Has backward compatibility been a nagging problem with Python?
> Please feel free to chide me if this is a no-brainer question.

As "P Gentry" said, yes you can have ActivePython 2.2 and 2.3 installed
side-by-side. One subtlety: Windows file associations (for .py, .pyc,
.pyo, .pyw, .pys) will generally be to the one you installed last. If
you want to change that you can use run the ActivePython "repair"
functionality to change the file associations to that one.

You may need to manually tweak your PATH to get the installation you
want first on your PATH.


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