python on handhelds devices (IPAQs)

Alessio Pace puccio_13 at *NOSPAM*
Mon Dec 1 20:28:56 CET 2003

Hi, python is without any doubt my first choice for common tasks on the
desktop side, but now I have to develop something on an PDA: an HP IPAQ.

I wonder if python can be also the preferable choice on this kind of
platform, rather than the other J2ME/Jeode/JsomeThingElse non-free stuff
out there. 

I have Familiar Linux installed on the IPAQ, I can flash OPIE or GPE, no
problems. My needs are to use libraries for db connectivity, xml, tcp/ip
and some GUI (so, specific binding to GTK or QT).

Has anyone tried something in this same way and could give me some advices
suggestions/hints/.. ?

Thanks a lot.

Alessio Pace

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