SimpleXMLRPCServer vs handlername question

Shalabh Chaturvedi shalabh at
Sat Dec 20 01:26:24 CET 2003

Raaijmakers, Vincent (IndSys, GE Interlogix) wrote:

> I'm struggling a bit to get a java client connected to my
> SimpleXMLRPServer.

Which XML-RPC Java library are you using?

> But, how to do that with this
> XMLRPC server? So for example:
> handler = Handler()
> server = SimpleXMLRPCServer(('localhost', port))
> server.register_instance(handler, 'aHandlerName') #which is not possible

This depends on what exact function name the Java client is trying to call.
For example, you could try:

def function():
   # function code here

server.register_function('aHandlerName.functionName', function)

If above doesn't work, you could log the network communication and look at
the XML-RPC HTTP request to see what function name is being called.


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