Is anyone using Python for .NET?

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Thu Dec 18 06:17:18 CET 2003

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> > In another year it is possible that Python
compiled to IL will be faster
> > than CPython in most cases. But it is really
hard to say.
> It appears that it already does...

I think the microbenchmark results are more
interesting that the PyStone result:
[quotes from page referenced above]:

>                      IronPython-0.1  Python-2.3
>function call   0.19            1.00

The speedup here apparently comes from having
specialized internal call functions for the common
cases of function calls..  For example, given

def f(x): return x*x

and no rebinding of f anywhere and a compiler that
does a global analysis to detect that lack of
rebinding, the call of f can be implemented with a
Call-with-1-required-arg bytecode instead of the
current Call-with-anything-possible bytecode with
considerable speedup.  2 and 3 required, without
and with additional optional args, are also useful
special cases.

And yes, the possibility of doing something
similar in CPython for 2.4 *has* been discussed on

> integer add     0.59            1.00

I believe Psyco can do better than this

> string.replace  0.92            1.00

In CPython, this is a call to a C function so C#
or .NET IL cannot gain much.

> range(bigint)   5.57            1.00

Of course, one should use xrange instead.

> eval("2+2")     66.97           1.00

Terry J. Reedy

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