[wxPython] Managing Skin engines

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Tue Dec 9 17:14:26 CET 2003

"Gabriele Farina" <mrfaro at libero.it> wrote in message news:<DX2Bb.174331$hV.6569418 at news2.tin.it>...
> Hi guys,
> can someone ask me how can I manage something like Windows-media-player
> skins engine using wxPython??
> Do I have to build soething like a small gui engine using Canvas or there
> are other ways??
> There is a way to apply font or bg style to all the widgets??

wxPython doesn't have a built-in support for skinnable controls, it
mainly displays native controls.  You can customize the appearance of
all native controls using desktop themes, of course, but you just want
themes for your one app.

If your entire app is to be skinnable, you might look into lightweight
gui toolkits like pyui.

Otherwise you can just do it yourself using only custom canvas-based
controls like you said (subclass wxWindow or wxPanel).

But see RBskinning here: http://www.runeblade.com/foundation/
I haven't looked at it myself but it says it is for skinning and works
with wxpython.

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