UserLinux chooses Python as "interpretive language" of choice

Paul Rubin http
Sun Dec 21 06:11:17 CET 2003

sulfugor at (H.V) writes:
> >     reduce()
> >         nobody uses it,  few understand it
> >         a for loop is clearer & (usually) faster
> > 
> I think no one even tries to understand the very concept of reducing 
> sequence to a single object using a rule . Sum is not a replacement of
> this *concept*.
> Just what is so wrong with having such a general tool available in a
> programming language ? Doesn't it hurt to understand how to use it?

The new sum function actually seems like a kludge around a misdesign
of the operator module.  operator.add(2,3,4) should return 9 instead
of throwing an error because operator.add can only take two args.
Then sum(some_list) can be replaced by operator.add(some_list).  The
other functions in the operator module should be extended the same way.

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