Can Python be run off of a CD-ROM?

Thomas Heller theller at
Tue Dec 2 19:26:15 CET 2003

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> writes:

> Gerhard Häring wrote:
>> >>Grab a Python directory, copy the python{major}{minor}.dll from
>> >>%SYSTEMROOT%\system32 into this Python directory.
>> >
>> > is the part after the comma really necessary?
>> >
>> > (all installers I've ever used or created install the core DLL in the
>> > Python directory as well.  are there installers out there that don't
>> > do that?)
>> The Pythonlabs (or should it be called python-dev installer by now?)
>> installer doesn't do this. At least not in the Windows 2000 and XP
>> installations I use.
> depends on the version, I suppose.  the installer I used on
> this machine sure left a python23.dll in the c:/python23 directory.
> tim? thomas?

As Tim said, this hasn't changed yet - for admin installs it goes into
the system directory.

For 2.3 releases it will stay this way, for future releases I
don't know.

win32all is growing in a direction where it makes fewer use of the
registry than in the past, and the sandbox py2exe is already able to
create frozen com servers which work fine with python23.dll in the
executable directory, so I assume somewhere in the future Python
releases don't need dlls in the system directory anymore.


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