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> [Samuel Walters]
> Hello, Sam.  I'm not sure I understand your question.  Do you mean some
> on-line documentation for allout-vim?  Then see:
> The first shows user documentation, the second contains installation
> instructions.  These point to a mirror of my work files, while those in
> the (tiny) distribution are a bit older.
> As for a description of the distribution, I thought the little blurb
> above ("The Allout file format is ...") was sufficient.  Is it not?

Thanks for the quick response.

The first link contains the information I was interested in.  Your blurb
("The Allout file format is ...") is only useful if you know what a
"synoptic structure of a text file" is, especially in the context of
computers.  I tried googling for the term and some variations, and only
turned up religious sites.  I wasn't familiar with the format or the
terminology.  Looking up synoptic in the dictionary didn't shed much light
on the situation.  I just wanted to know what it did before I went through
the trouble of downloading it.

Thank You.

Sam Walters

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