wxPython / styles and marks in TextCtrl

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at charter.net
Tue Dec 2 03:47:38 CET 2003

> 1.) When using a TextCtrl with styles (color etc.) in wxPython,
> is it then possible to get a 'list' (or anything) from the widget
> which tells you which styles are used in the widget (and where!;
> 'beginning of style', 'end of style', 'type of style' ...)?

I don't see anything like this in the wxTextCtrl docs.  You must also check
the docs for the superclasses, but there is nothing: the wxWindow class has
some getters, but they apply to the window, not runs of text.

Probably it would be a good idea to investigate the wxStyledTextCtrl.  There
are examples of using it in the wxPython demo program.  This control isn't
documented in the main alphabetical list of classes in the version of the
docs I have.  Iirc wxStyledTextCtrl is a wrapper for the scintilla classes.


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