Case sensitive and ludicrous statements

Douglas Alan nessus at
Sun Dec 7 23:45:11 CET 2003

David Eppstein <eppstein at> writes:

> This doesn't make sense to me as an explanation.  Smalltalk didn't reach 
> much of a mass audience until Goldberg's book was published in 1983, and 
> other object-oriented languages (e.g. C++) did not immediately adopt 
> CamelCase (I see none in Stroustroup's 1986 C++ book).  In the meantime, 
> CamelCase (with or without the initial capital) was certainly used prior 
> to 1983 in languages such as Pascal.

Someone else in this thread claimed that CamelCase came to Pascal via
Apple.  And we know that Apple was lapping at the time from the font
of Xerox Parc.  This would explain how CamelCase made it from
Smalltalk to Pascal.

I used Pascal in the very late '70's and very early '80's, and I never
saw anyone use CamelCase in it.  And now that David Epstein has jogged
my memory -- it is indeed in SmallTalk that I first saw people using
CamelCase, and, I must say, I was rather aghast.



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