Can Python be run off of a CD-ROM?

Tim Peters at
Tue Dec 2 17:38:54 CET 2003

>>> (all installers I've ever used or created install the core DLL in
>>> the Python directory as well.  are there installers out there that
>>> don't do that?)

[someone, possibly Gerhard Häring]
>> The Pythonlabs (or should it be called python-dev installer by now?)
>> installer doesn't do this. At least not in the Windows 2000 and XP
>> installations I use.

> depends on the version, I suppose.  the installer I used on
> this machine sure left a python23.dll in the c:/python23 directory.
> tim? thomas?

"Early" PLabs installers stuffed python23.dll into the system directory, and
scribbled registry entries under HKLM.  They may also try to update a couple
MSVC runtime DLLs in the system directory (e.g., Win95 didn't come with
msvcrt.dll out of the box, and Python needs it).

"Later" PLabs installers (sometime shortly after I started building them)
grew a choice, controlled by a radio button for doing an Admin or non-Admin
install.  The Admin install is the default if the user running the installer
has admin privileges, and acts like early PLabs installers.  The non-Admin
install is the default if the user running the installer does not have admin
privileges, writes nothing to a system directory, scribbles registry entries
under HKCU, and installs python23.dll and a couple MSVC runtime DLLs into
the root Python directory.

I don't think Thomas has changed any of that (yet <wink>).

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