make test segfaults with "--enable-shared" on Python 2.3.3

Berthold Höllmann bhoel at
Mon Dec 29 20:47:06 CET 2003

Andrew MacIntyre <andymac at> writes:

> On Sun, 28 Dec 2003, Berthold Hoellmann wrote:
>> > When I use
>> >
>> >   ./configure  --with-thread --with-fpectl --with-signal-module \
>> >      --with-pymalloc --enable-shared  --with-cxx=g++
>> >
>> >   make test
>> >
>> > on 2.3.3 I get
>> >
>> > ...
>> > test_queue
>> > test_quopri
>> > test_random
>> > test_re
>> > make: *** [test] Speicherzugriffsfehler (Speicherauszug erstellt)

     make: *** [test] Segmentation fault (core dumped)

>> Everything works fine if I remove the "--enable-shared" flag from
>> configure.
> You don't mention what platform you are seeing this on.  The output of a
> verbose test run (python Lib/test/ -v test_re), preferably with
> error messages translated to English, may help diagnose the issue.

env LANG=C LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/devel/compile/Python-2.3.3:/usr/local/v/lib:/usr/lib/qt3/lib:/usr/local/pgsql/lib:/usr/teTeX/lib./python Lib/test/ -v test_re

(LD_LIBRARY_PATH is taken from the "make test" output) gives:

test_anyall (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_basic_re_sub (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bigcharset (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_113254 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_114660 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_117612 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_418626 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_448951 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_449000 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_449964 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_462270 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_527371 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_545855 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_612074 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_725106 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_725149 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_bug_764548 (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_category (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_constants (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_expand (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_finditer (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_flags (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_getattr (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_getlower (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_groupdict (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_ignore_case (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_non_consuming (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_not_literal (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_pickling (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_qualified_re_split (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_qualified_re_sub (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_re_escape (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_re_findall (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_re_groupref (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_re_groupref_exists (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_re_match (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_re_split (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_re_subn (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_repeat_minmax (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_scanner (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_search_coverage (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_search_star_plus (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_special_escapes (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_sre_character_literals (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_stack_overflow (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok
test_symbolic_refs (test.test_re.ReTests) ... ok

Ran 46 tests in 0.401s

Running re_tests test suite
1 test OK.
CAUTION:  stdout isn't compared in verbose mode:
a test that passes in verbose mode may fail without it.

so it seems that the other modules loaded in the "make test" run
decrease the avaliable stack so that the test does not succeed but
calling the test alone finds enough stack space avaliable?

> I know that there are platforms where the amount of stack space available
> to a threaded process is not easily controlled, and recent versions of gcc
> are creating much larger stack frames than earlier versions.  The sre
> module in 2.3.x (and earlier) is recursive and thus sensitive to stack
> space availability. A core dump is a likely indicator of this.  Read the
> Modules/_sre.c source file for more info.  sre in 2.4 will be
> significantly improved in this regard.
> FYI, since 2.3 PyMalloc is a default option so you don't need
> --with-pymalloc, and most recent Linux and BSD systems will default to
> building with --with-thread and --with-signal-module.

I really should know, but I usually keep "good" configure settings for
reuse and normally don't think much about the settings when everything


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