What GUI toolkit looks the best?

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Thu Dec 11 15:40:55 CET 2003

Brian Kelley wrote:
> Paul Rubin wrote:
>> I've been approached about writing a Windows app which will need a
>> really professional looking GUI.  Forget TKinter, this has to actually
>> look good (real artists will be available to get the visual stuff
>> right).  Assuming I write in Python, what's the best toolkit to use?
>> Some cost in implementation pain is tolerable if the finished
>> interface looks better as a result.  It would be nice if the toolkit
>> runs on multiple platforms rather than being Windows-only.
> Why forget Tkinter?  I've seen Tkinter applications that look incredibly 
> fabulous.  A lot depends on what you are trying to do.  If you are 
> making a graphics-heavy application then Tkinter's canvas is pretty 
> sweet.  I also think IDLE looks pretty good.
>> I'm thinking Glade.  Is that reasonable?  I don't know squat about
>> Windows and haven't done much fancy GUI programming since the early X
>> days.
> Glade isn't a GUI, it is a GUI builder that uses GTK.  In my experience, 
> GTK doesn't look quite right on windows boxes, especially the menus.  Of 
> course I have the same basic view of Qt and Swing so know you know my 
> biases.
> I tend to use Tkinter for canvas heavy applications and wxPython for 
> other stuff.
> As for application building, here are my rankings
> 1 Emacs :)
> 2 Glade with libglade and Mitch Chapman's python libglade wrapper

Freaky. I've been using something VERY similar for the last 2 years.
An example of my libglade.py usage is at:
Great minds think alike I suppose :-)


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