cPickle from 2.2 to 2.1

paul paul.koelle at archit.uni-weimar.de
Sun Dec 14 17:06:19 CET 2003

hi list,

I use cPickle in a small .cgi to save data. It run's fine on python 
2.2.3 (used for development) but fails on 2.1.1 (webserver) with:

   File "spyblog.py", line 543, in __init__
     self.entry = cPickle.load(open(log + self.filename, 'r+'))
SystemError: Failed to import class _reconstructor from module copy_reg

If I create the file on the webserver everything works, so apparently 
the 2.1.1 version of cPickle can't read files generated with the newer 
one. Does it mean the cPickle format is not compatible across versions?


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