Building a GUI agnostic database application

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at
Wed Dec 3 09:23:08 CET 2003

I am wanting to write a database application using Python.

I want it to be GUI agnostic.  The GUI will probably be Python/wxPython, but
I would also like the option of a Webbased (PHP?) gui, and possibly GUI's
in Java or C++, Visual Basic etc.

The Python 'backend' may run on the same machine as the client (thick
client), or on the same machine as the database (thin client).

My main requirements are:
1.  Reasonably light-weight
2.  Secure authentication between the GUI and the backend.
3.  Ideally runs wherever Python runs, and at least on Linux, Mac and
Windows. has a list of
possible candidates.

These include:
Corba, OSE, SOAP, Spread, Twisted, XML-RPC and Yami

It looks to me like XML-RPC run over SSL is probably the simplest solution,
but I'd be interested in other peoples views.



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