2.3 list reverse() bug?

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.com
Fri Dec 26 01:24:22 CET 2003

>Try reading this:
>    http://starship.python.net/crew/mwh/hacks/objectthink.html

Not easy sledding IMO. But one get's there.

The post that instigated the tutorial  asks the question when
surprised by some behavior along the lines of this thread:

Who is wrong here: my intuition or Python (2.2)? 

I would say,neither.  It is as it is, let's assume for excellant

Which doesn't mean it is necessarily what one's naive intution first

But the response:

Almost needless to say, it was the poster's intuition that was at
fault, but he is (was) far from unique in having this sort of

frankly bothers me a bit, though it is understandable somewhat in the
context of the phrasing of the posters question.

Generally speaking, it is hard to understand how someone's intutition
can be flawed. It's just an "is".

That the programming language might do slight damage to one's naive
intution is not either the fault of the programming language.
Something perhaps simply needs to be learned. Once learned, one's
intuition is happly overridden - no hard feelings.


>Happy Christmas everyone!

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