Tkinter and OS X 10.3?

Ron Stephens rstephens at
Thu Dec 25 01:44:06 CET 2003

"Russell E. Owen" <no at spam.invalid> wrote in message news:
> Well, I'm not sure how serious the problem actually is. I may have 
> overstated it. Hoping to hear soon.
 ... ...
> Summary: both aqua and X11 versions of Python are working well for me.
> -- Russell

Well, to summarize my experience, I have never had a Python problem on
Mac OS X that wasn't related to a GUI in one way or another; and I
have less of those issues on Panther (10.3) than on previous versions;
and none of the issues was ever serious enough to make me regret for a
moment using Mac OS X. Having the Unix command line shell available
along with the nice Aqua user interface is really a treat, and most of
my Python use is for command line stuff anyway. Now that I have both
wxPython and Tkinter working acceptabley on Panther, I am happy
indeed. ;-)))

Ron Stephens

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