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> "John Roth" <newsgroups at> writes:
> > > Most importantly, why would anyone even care? Ability to optionally
> > > invoke a "call" operation on an object implicitly seems utterly
> > > worthless to me.
> >
> > That may not be one of your common coding mistakes.
> It was when I started. Not after a while.
> > My mind doesn't quite get the point of inserting an
> > otherwise useless pair of parenthesis, and consequently
> > it's fairly high on the list of common coding errors I make
> > that causes run time errors. Of course, rigidly applying
> Don't something like pychecker detect these things?

Since I normally use TDD, using Pychecker would slow
the flow down substantially. See the next paragraph.

> > TDD will bring those errors up rapidly so they don't
> > lurk to cause problems later, but not having them in the
> > first place would be even better.
> Not if they go against the fundamental ideas of how the language
> works.

If a language makes opportunities for errors, then there is
something wrong with the language that needs to be corrected.
I'm not a fan of carrying a reasonable idea past the point where
it starts showing its flaws. I'm also not a fan of the idea that
there are any ideas that are flawless if carried to extreme.

> > is looking at what it's doing right and asking if some of those
> > things might not improve Python.
> Hasn't Alex Martelli done something like this recently? Alex?

There was a mini-project to identify "warts" a year or two ago.
Is this what you mean?

> > As I said, my intent is not to inspire anyone to switch. My intent
> > is to ask whether there is anything they're doing that would be
> > (in concept if not in implementation) an improvement to Python.
> Sounds like a morally correct motive :-).
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> Ville Vainio

John Roth

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