build problems on Solaris 9

Rob Boyd boydrobh at
Tue Dec 30 16:28:30 CET 2003


I am having problems building Python 2.3.3 on Solaris
9, on a SunFire SPARC. I am using gcc 3.3.2, and
apparently don't have binutils (but have ld, as, ar,
and the like). I have set LD_RUN_PATH appropriately.

During 'make', I get many warnings such as:
"WARNING: renaming "regex" since importing it failed: ./python: fatal: open failed:
No such file or directory". I can still subsequently
install Python, but it is broken.

Despite the warning, is in
/usr/local/lib. Plus, I did not get these errors when
building Python 2.3.2, and it does not fail to find (which fails if LD_RUN_PATH is not

Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is in a
FAQ or prior posts, but my searches, and the Solaris
section in the README have not helped resolve this.

Rob Boyd

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