Lists and Tuples

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Dec 7 12:40:17 CET 2003

Douglas Alan wrote:

> >> Fredrik Lundh actually called me names a couple years back for
> >> asserting this, but Python luminary (and rude fellow) or not, he is
> >> dead wrong.
> > I'm never dead wrong.
> You were dead wrong to insult me in a debate over subtle programming
> aesthetics, where my opinion is just as well-founded as anyone's.

I actually had to dig up the thread that has caused you such grief
over the years.

as expected, you spent that thread attacking everyone who dis-
agreed with you, misrepresented other people's arguments, referred
to implementation artifacts and design mistakes as "proof", and used
the same muddled thinking as you've shown in this thread.  heck,
Tim even introduced the term "douglas-sequences" in contrast to
"python-sequences" in order to make any sense of what you were
arguing about that time.  not the kind of behaviour I'd expect from
anyone who wants to be taken seriously.

two years later, you haven't learned a thing; that's pretty tragic.


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