Newbie Question HELP!

Steve Horsley shoot at the.moon
Fri Dec 19 22:38:32 CET 2003

TyBriD wrote:
> hello guys i am new top programming and was told python is the best place to
> start i so far understand variables ex:
> print ("Fill In Below")
> name = raw_input("Enter Your Name Please: ")
> age = input("Enter Your Age Please: ")
> print "Your Name Is", name
> print "Your Age Is", age
> but i was wondering if there was a way to compile a EXE file to display the
> print because this only seems to run in python shell, or is there a way to
> create my own interface for my program in python thanks in advanced
I think you can make a windows shortcut that launches a command 
something like:
     command \c python
which will give you a clickable launcher. If you're after a proper 
GUI, this is a much bigger thing and I suggest that you avoid it for 
some months until you are more familiar with the programming basics.


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