More info on my Python problem....

Paul Rubin http
Tue Dec 16 10:09:26 CET 2003

JD <lists at> writes:
> If my code causes Python to just hang up,  and not allowing me
> to break out with control-C or control-D,   is there a way to
> find out what's going on?    I don't think it's going into some
> infinite loop,  because I can usually break out of them with
> control-C.    What would cause the Python run-time system
> to just loose things?    The console is dead,  but it echo's
> carriage returns but that's all it does.

Can you hit ^Z and escape to the shell?  Can you switch to another 
virtual console and see what's going on?  What does the program do?

> Is there someone who I might contact
> via phone to walk me through this? (Assuming I can't get adequate
> information here? Or does anyone care about Python bugs?) 

Yes of course people care about Python bugs, but if you want
personalized phone consulting you'll probably have to pay for it.
If you're willing to do that, I'm sure plenty of us here are available.

> How should I approach debugging this? Are there Python tools? Or
> should I use gdb? ktrace? systrace? I'm assuming I have to do this,
> as a bug report which reads "Python locks up" isn't too useful.

If worse comes to worse you may have to run Python under gdb.  Is
your program using multiple threads?

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