Is Python Mac Centric???

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Wed Dec 31 02:03:16 CET 2003

Jeff Epler wrote:
> There are also a couple of people who are working very hard on
> Mac-specific modules for Python.  I don't know why they're included in
> the core while pythonwin is not--is it just historical coincidence?  A
> license difficulty?  Change in attitudes?

AFAIR, the Mac parts were included on request of Jack Jansen, who
was looking for a "permanent home" for his code, with CVS, bug tracking,
integrated releases, and all that. Guido van Rossum agreed, as it would
make Jack's life simpler.

I personally was shocked when I saw just *how* big the code base was,
but then accepted it, as much of it is for OS9 and older, and the OSX
stuff is more and more getting folded into the standard libraries
(where applicable); OS9 support will be dropped for Python 2.4.

Apart from Tim's analysis of coding styles, I think PythonWin would
become integrated if Mark Hammond requested that. Anybody else
requesting it would have no effect; and, as Tim said, Mark is unlikely
to request it because he doesn't want to wait a year for the next
Python release just to release the next version of PythonWin.


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