Is Python Mac Centric???

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Dec 30 18:04:52 CET 2003

    >> Also, I've noticed that OSX 10.3 comes with Python 2.3 installed,

    Tim> That was Apple's decision, not "ours".

    >> but that Windows XP does not.

    Tim> And that's Microsoft's decision, not "ours".  We can't tell OS
    Tim> vendors what to ship, and all OS vendors are equally free to
    Tim> redistribute Python (the Python license extends that right to
    Tim> everyone who wants it).

While Microsoft doesn't bundle Python with Windows, there are one or two PC
makers who add Python to their Windows boxes (HP comes to mind - the
practice appears to have originated at Compaq before HP acquired it).  I
think that's mostly to support their extra admin tools, not to encourage all
their customers to start writing software.


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