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Peter Otten __peter__ at
Tue Dec 9 21:29:09 CET 2003

Agency wrote:

> O.K.
> So, I'm stuck again. I tried putting the code into a class, might not
> be
> smart given what I know, but I did it. I'm thinking that the beat,
> time, and bpm would each have their own class and display/label. I
> know that the pack() determines if something shows up. So, I'm
> guessing that somewhere along the line pack() is not be referenced
> right. My problem is that I have a window,
> with no label showing up. I also just noticed that there is no linkage
> between the beatContainer/frame and the beatNum/label.  Here is the
> newbie code:
> from Tkinter import *
> class beatX:
>     def _init_(self, parent):
>         self.beatContainer = Frame(parent)
>         self.beatContainer.pack()
>         self.beatNum = Label(self, text = "Beat Counter : ")
>         self.beatNum.config(text = "Beat Counter : %d" %beats)
>         self.beatNum.pack()
>         self.beatNum.bind("<space>", self.beatCounter)
>         self.beatNum.bind("<Return>", self.beatReset)
>     def beatCounter(event):
>         print "increment counter"
>         beats = beats + 1
>     def beatReset(event):
>         print "reset counter"
>         beats = 0
> root = Tk()
> root.mainloop()

The Tkinter toolkit has problems of its own, so you better learn the basics

The __init__() method has two preceding and two trailing underscores.
Every method in a class has self as the first parameter, unless you know why
it's otherwise.
The class definition is normally not sufficient, you will also want at least
one instance, created like so: instance = Class(args).

Now to your beatX class. I've made the minimum changes necessary to avoid a
traceback and ignorance of user input, and I recommend that you change it
incrementally to meet your needs, so that when - not if :-) - it breaks
again you can go back to the previous state.
See the beats attribute for the simplest usage pattern of a class attribute
and how showCounter() is invoked in three different places to keep the
beatNum Label uptodate.

from Tkinter import *

class beatX:
    def __init__(self, parent):
        self.beatContainer = Frame(parent)
        self.beatContainer.pack() = 0
        self.beatNum = Label(self.beatContainer)
        parent.bind("<space>", self.beatCounter)
        parent.bind("<Return>", self.beatReset)

    def showCounter(self):
        self.beatNum.config(text="Beat Counter : %d"

    def beatCounter(self, event):
        print "increment counter" = + 1

    def beatReset(self, event):
        print "reset counter" = 0

root = Tk()
b = beatX(root)

Again, learning the language with a non-GUI script will probably be more
rewarding. Good luck!


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