python-dev Summary for 2003-10-16 through 2003-11-15

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Tue Dec 2 04:34:07 CET 2003

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> > python-dev Summary for 2003-10-16 through 2003-11-15
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> > This is the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth summaries written by Brett
> > Cannon (does anyone even read this?).
> Yes, absolutely, every time. Normally I go to the website, to read the
> formatted version. This time I could not yet find it, so I read the raw text
> version.

Sorry about that.  I just pushed the new pages to the web site.  One
of these days I need to write a script to do all of the standard stuff
that I do for each summary so that I stop having minor screw-ups like

> keep up the good work, kind regards, Gerrit

Thanks, I'll try.


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