What GUI toolkit looks the best?

Paul Rubin http
Fri Dec 12 23:22:39 CET 2003

Mark Roach <mrroach at okmaybe.com> writes:
> but not wxPython. You must use MSVC for compiling on Windows. However,
> unless you have patches or extensions to compile, the precompiled version
> should work just fine.

I've had enough experiences getting stuck in a project due to library
bugs or incorrect documentation that I really want to be able to run
the complete program (including libraries) under a debugger.  That
sounds like I need MSVC.  However, I guess that's tolerable since this
would be a paid project that needs to run on Windows.  Sure, using
MSVC is distasteful, but so is using Windows in the first place, so if
I'm willing to use Windows at all, having to use MSVC as well is just
more of the same.  Thanks.

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