ANN: Twisted 1.1.1

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Wed Dec 10 21:53:34 CET 2003

Cameron Laird <claird at> pisze:

>>Writing one more asyncore/asynchat application pisses me off. Hate it.
>>Love it. Thanks God, it's Python, not Rexx, even not Java.
> 			.
> Think about that last just a bit more.  Asyncore is SUCH an
> upgrade over what most of the world is doing.

Yes, you are right, most of world still uses synchronous sockets.
AFAIK, asynchronous sockets are widely used in ObjectPascal (by way of
F. Piette's work), but I don't know any such complete (like these in
Python and ObjectPascal) implementation in other Popular Programming
Environments (Java is PPE, Rexx is my *local* PPE ;))

Jarek Zgoda
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