What GUI toolkit looks the best?

Brian Kelley bkelley at wi.mit.edu
Thu Dec 11 19:38:25 CET 2003

Cameron Laird wrote:

> I want to say a few words about portability and comparisons.
> I'm very reluctant to advise "see what you like the best" in regard to
> GUI toolkits
> <URL: http://www.informit.com/content/index.asp?product_id=%7BCC8D8943-BC39-45B9-B455-2B608FA03C48%7D&session_id=%7B65C794A2-51C8-4FD3-8BD8-22F70A0695E0%7D >
> the way I do for high-level languages.  We all know it's entirely 
> realistic to counsel a newcomer, "Give yourself an hour, and you can 
> download and install Python (or Perl, or Ruby, or ...) and try it out
> for yourself.  You'll get a good first impression of how the language
> operates."

That's not quite what I meant.  The first step (for me) is finding out 
what the toolkit supports.  For example, tcl/Tk doesn't have a good grid 
widget out of the box so for my project it was a non-starter which left 
Qt, wxPython and GTK+

> <URL: http://www.scriptics.com/ > isn't the URL I recommend; Scriptics
> stopped doing business under that name three and a half years ago.  <URL:
> http://wiki.tcl.tk/tk > is a safe choice.

I would recommend http://www.tcl.tk/ actually which points to the same 
place as http://www.scriptics.com/


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