Stuck newbie

Mike Silva snarflemike at
Tue Dec 2 18:58:34 CET 2003

Hi all,

I'm a Python newbie trying to write a simple program to do some
processing of a text file.  So far I'm able to extract all the data I
need from the file into a list (fileinput is very nice!).  Here's my
problem.  I want the list ("namelist") to contain records, with each
record consisting of a string ("name"), an integer ("flags"), and two
variable-length lists of integers ("list1" and "list2").  I gather
that the corresponding data object in Python would be a sequence of
those four items, correct?  So what I want is a list of sequences?

If that is correct, what I don't understand is how to reference and
modify elements of an individual object.  For example, I want to do
things like (in pseudocode):

namelist.append( new_record )
namelist[ index ].flags = 99
namelist[ index ].list1.append( 100 )

But I don't see how to reference the individual elements of a data
object.  Any tips greatly appreciated!


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