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> This is a thread's run method.
>       def run(self):
>           try:
>               page=urllib.urlopen(base)
>               page=None
>               self.ResultCode=0
>               self.ResultSrc=src
>           except:
>               self.ResultSrc="An error occured"+
>                the exception's errormessage !!!
>               self.ResultCode=1
> I use the traceback module in one threaded application.
> But I don't use it in multiple threaded app.
> What can I use/how can I do in except section to get the exception's
> message ?
> Please help me.

Call sys.exc_info() to get the current exception details, then use the 
traceback module to format the information as you require. Or you could 
call traceback.print_exc() if you just want to display the exception and 

sys.exc_info() and print_exc() are both thread safe.

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