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Tue Dec 30 22:36:45 CET 2003

On 26 Dec 2003 12:36:48 -0800 hwlgw at (Will Stuyvesant)
> Suppose you have the time and the money to start a new project in
> Python.  What would you like to do?

> - An easy to use tool for drawing diagrams, typically 
> various kinds  of arrows and circles and boxes, 
> that produces nice .eps and .svg files.
there was posted a few months back a one file program
that let you draw simple flowchart like shapes, move them,
resize them. the name, gui & url escapes me now.

> - Something for weblogging and todo things, probably via CGI.

this is easily a contender for the top overcrowded python
application category. I would suggest a moratorium on new
projects for a few months to research better names, improve
doc strings and documentation, add examples & tests, rclick,
provide better API compatibility with existing applications 
to ease relearn & reuse problems and add external scripting 
ability to existing applications. usability 101.

better names would imply higher score in searches and could
cut the number of duplicate started projects. not that all
the duplication of effort is wasted. part of what makes
python so much fun is that you can whip up a solution from
nothing sometimes faster than researching what is available.
probably only 10% of the one off scripts posted to 
have the simplest docstring describing what it does and
where to get an update if it becomes available. great that
people make this available so is 
just an observation.

> What would your favorite be?

a timer capable of alarms or starting programs with
various ways of specifying the event, weekly monthly 
don't start untill, stop after date, user defined, etc.

b sorting out the mess under "msys" the bash 
shell for mingw32. is it posix is it win32, are they 
forwardslash, backslashes or mixed, will python itself 
ever compile clean in mingw, will readline or any of 
the 10 variants available ever work without 
incompatible patching and knashing of teeth. the path
to hell is paved with claims of backward compatibility.
it is a wonder that as much works as does work so well.
but as a dream funded project, this would get my vote. 

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