Python progamming certification

Maxim Khesin max at
Tue Dec 9 15:38:20 CET 2003

> to know it once existed because I WROTE it.  

COOL! BTW they still offer the 1.5 test.

That said, I was
> *extremely* unimpressed with BrainBench's test design--I have a
> background in testing theory (and practice).  

Don't tell me you too cheated on your SATs :)

I did the best possible
> within their guidelines, but the best possible was still not
> particularly good.
> If you just want a piece of paper, I suppose it doesn't matter how bad a
> test is.  If you want the certification to actually show something about
> takers' abilities... well, don't bother with BrainBench.

I should just mention that I got hit up for an interview last week due 
to my BrainBench C++ test. So they are not entirely worthless (even 
though there were syntax errors in the test itself). I do not know if 
the Python test is worth the $45 they are charging from that perspective 
since I suspect very few potential employers will be looking for Python 
programmers on BrainBench.

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