Class problem

Michael T. Babcock mbabcock at
Mon Dec 8 18:49:00 CET 2003

> Hello. I'm currently trying to create my first class in python, but 
> I've ran into a bit of a problem which I fear may just be a simple 
> error. I created a class called which currently only 
> contains an _init_ method which takes in 2 parameters and performs a 
> bunch of things using these parameters. I believe I've followed the 
> tutorial correctly, but when I import it and try to make an instance 
> of it, it returns with the error that 'module' is not callable. I'm 
> kind of new to this language so I believe that it's most likely a 
> simple error on my behalf. Any advice on what I may be doing wrong 
> would be greatly appreciated. 

In the future, please actually post your code with your questions.

However, I'll guess you did something like:

class foo:
    def __init__(self, params):
       print "hello"


... when in reality you need to create an object of type foo ...

a = foo() <-- prints "hello"

Michael T. Babcock
C.T.O., FibreSpeed Ltd.

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