Python for web ?

Jay O'Connor joconnor at
Mon Dec 1 19:35:36 CET 2003

Robert Brewer wrote:

>Jay O'Connor wrote:
>>Same here.  I do the backend programming and usually give the 
>>designer a 
>>page (See these marks?  Don't touch them, the rest of the page is 
>>yours)  Works well because I'm *not* a graphices designer and 
>>I get much 
>>better results when I make it work and I give it to a friend 
>>to make it look good.
>Heh. I'm trying to move into the opposite situation: I do the design and
>give a backend programmer a page (See these marks? Touch them and them
>only; the rest of the page is mine). Works well because the design is
>not then driven by someone who's not a designer. :)

Good point.  I've actually done it both designer 
gives me a page with static data as ane example and says "fill in these 
values based on the current [user|context|etc}

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Your name is famailiar, does "IWETHEY" ring a bell?

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