Storing pairs of (int, int) in a database : which db to choose ?

Stormbringer andreif at
Fri Dec 26 15:46:51 CET 2003

Fred Pacquier <xnews2 at> wrote in message news:<Xns945B76D79C928PaCmAnRDLM at>...
> Paul Rubin <> said :
> >> Even if it was limited i/o traffic I am not sure how to do profiling
> > 
> > A crude but maybe useful thing you can do is just observe the CPU load
> > while the program is running.  If the CPU load is low but you hear the
> > disk banging around, you're i/o bound.
> I love this one. It would make a great intro quote for the next DrDobbs 
> weekly summary ! ;-)

I ment I didn't know how to do profiling in this case, to find out if
the program was cpu or disk bound, although if I would have sit down
and thought for 5 seconds it was obvious.

Profiling in general is another fish and I consider myself able to
spot the places where my programs consumes cpu cycles.


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