Anybody ever use Pippy?

Dang Griffith noemail at
Mon Dec 22 14:34:11 CET 2003

On Fri, 19 Dec 2003 08:42:33 -0600, "William S. Perrin"
<william.perrin at> wrote:

>I've just downloaded and installed Pippy ( 
>for my Palm. It's called 1.52+. I'm not sure what the plus is. It seems 
>to run ok. Anyone else have any experience?
>One short side is no floating point capability.
>Thanks, WSP
    I've used it a few times, for programmable calculator type things
(w/o floating point), but could never get my source files to import,
so I ended up doing a lot of manual import (copy/paste).  As Ganesan
points out, it doesn't seem to be supported.
    I think the "+" is for the few Palm-specific modules.  There are a
few modules with interesting names (palmform, palmdm, palmevent), but
I couldn't find examples or documentation.
    Another short side is no regex/re module.  I don't have stuff to
scan on the PDA, but it would be convenient at times to experiment
with an expression.

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