Using XUL with python

Christoph Becker-Freyseng webmaster at
Wed Dec 10 15:50:36 CET 2003

aifaik Peter Hansen is right.

There's just no easy "plug & program"-library.

You have to compile yourself a version of Mozilla. Basically following 
the instructions (search them on isn't to hard and you'll 
get an Python-enabled Mozilla framework. However it takes a lot 
computing resources (I did this on a laptop PII 400/128MB and it took 
 >24h to complete and >1GB diskspace)

I agree that Mozilla should provide a readily useable XUL+(C, Python, 
Perl, Java, ...)-Framework. But nobody wants to do this task (it's my 
and your fault, too -- or would you do such a thing :-)  ).

cu cbf

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