How to graph two columns of x,y numbers?

Colin J. Williams cjw at
Mon Dec 8 20:03:51 CET 2003


If you are using wxPython, you might consider wxPyPlot:

Colin W.

Todd Gardner wrote:
> Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<3FD3E423.B53D23DE at>...
>>Todd Gardner wrote:
>>>I would like to graph two columns of x,y numbers?  I would greatly
>>>appreciate any pointers or suggestions.
>>Yes, include more detail about what you want to do.  Specifically,
>>what platform, do you care if it's wxPython, or Tkinter, or something
>>else, etc.  There are about a zillion possible answers to your 
>>question as it stands, and "python graphing" or something on Google
>>would likely get you a lot of mileage right now.  Maybe after you
>>do a little research there you can come back with a more detailed
> There are LOTS of plotting choices on google.  I guess I would like to
> narrow them down by tapping into some expertise.
> I would like to do 2D and possibly 3D plotting with python.  I am
> tending toward wxpython because of it's ease of use.
> Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.  Todd

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