java.awt.Robot equivalent?

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Mon Dec 15 18:48:28 CET 2003

> From:	Christopher Koppler [SMTP:klapotec at]
> Autoit does exactly what I need (click on a specific coordinate in a
> canvas-like window), and finally a reason to learn to use ctypes,
> too...
You don't really need to use ctypes to drive AutoIt - it's COM scriptable.
Give me a shout if you want some examples of driving it - I'm sure I have
some somewhere around here...

But I gave up using it in the end, 'cos it was so fragile. If the wrong
window gained focus, the script would die. Besides, there are some controls
that it won't drive unless you are willing to resort to mouse clicks on
absolute positions, which is also fragile.

In the end, I just drove the Windows API directly. Yes, using ctypes a lot
of the time. ;-) You can find my current work in progress here:

It's not far from being ready to go, actually. It just needs a few more
tests, some introductory docs, and an installation script. It's quite
useable, though - the functions themselves are well documented, and the test
script gives you a good high level introduction. We use it a lot.

Simon Brunning,

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