UserLinux chooses Python as "interpretive language" of choice

David M. Wilson at
Mon Dec 22 04:40:16 CET 2003

"John Roth" <newsgroups at> wrote...

> > I think if you can't understand why this option isn't provided for
> > you, then you misunderstand some of the most fundamental Python
> > concepts. import this.

> I don't think I misunderstand it. As I've said several times in this
> thread, I am not seriously advocating it for a number of reasons.

> Please think before making a critique.

That was an attempt to help unravel someone a little from the
discussion, instead it has pulled me in somewhat. Look at the current
subject line, look at the topic of your last post. Is there any point
to this? You are engaged in free-for-all intellectual masterbation. Is
there also any point to being so blunt? Please learn some manners
before speaking in a public forum, you may let yourself down.


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