ANN: pythonfs - create linux filesystems in python

David M. Wilson at
Wed Dec 10 12:55:11 CET 2003

"Mike Rovner" <mike at> wrote...

> It reminds me of Microsoft's promise to combine RDBMS and file system in a
> new Longhorn OS. Several years ago that idea was highly popular but nothing
> came out.

> That approach may be very interesting to allow user to use some plug-ins for
> the file system
> (access, security, notification, etc.).

Quite a few people have attempted work in this area, but as with
Microsoft, the plan to combine a traditional database and a
traditional filesystem never seems to come to fruition.

If you are interested in this sort of stuff, the only really serious
attempt I have seen in the recent years is the work of Hans Reiser, of
reiserfs fame. Take a read through the pages at:

And possibly pick the thread up over on one of the database or
filesystem news groups. ;)


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